Our drivers are a top priority!

Horizon recognizes that drivers have needs and concerns that are no less important than any other staff member or customer. Management prides itself on knowing that the office team develops relationships with the drivers that go beyond the simple dispatch/driver dynamic; everyone is part of the Horizon team and all are equally important to the success of the company.

While it is understood that a driver needs to be behind the wheel on the road to contribute to the company's success, they are individuals who are heard and whose needs are considered when building runs for them. Hometime, preferred lanes are important factors when planning trips.

Drivers and owner/operators welcomed

Horizon offers competitive rates, access to a health spending account and benefits, a quarterly bonus plan, and personalized dispatching to drivers and owner/operators.

Interested in joining our team?


Safety and customer service

Please take this opportunity to consider joining a team that strongly believes "Safety & Customer Service" is the foundation for the success of any company.

Horizon International Distributors have an extensive "Employee Manual & Safety Plan".

It is used to establish the guidelines by which we conduct ourselves, our operations, and to assist all employees in doing their job safely.

This manual applies to all employees of Horizon International Distributors including the executives, managers, dispatchers, supervisors, sales, warehouse, contract & employee drivers, and the administrative staff.

Providing this information is the responsibility of the company. However, learning and understanding the manual is everyone's responsibility. The policies and procedures in this manual should be considered the minimum standards to follow for safe operations.

So if you are the type of person who takes "Safety", and "Food Safety" seriously, and understands what it takes to provide top-flight "Customer Service". You are the kind of person we want to join our team.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you

Gil Dube' President and CEO
Luc Dube' General Manager and COO

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