A proud and successful family-run business for over 30 years

Horizon International Distributors Group of Companies has a history that is an interesting & encouraging story of strength, desire, and determination. Horizon International Distributors is a medium-sized, family-run business. The company was founded by Mr. Gil Dube` in 1988. The early years included a few short-term partners who eventually left to pursue other interests. The early years were very difficult trying to compete in a region that was dominated by four major trucking companies. Most customers had pre-existing relationships with one of those large companies. Gil was determined to compete, and succeed.

As time progressed, and the company strengthened, acquisitions transpired to support the growth of the company. Having long-term customers for many years is proof of the basic philosophy Gil applied to the business. Trust, Respect, Pride, and Service were monumental in building the foundation of Horizon International Distributors. Once the foundation solidified, the frequency of loyalty from customers grew. And as they say "The rest is History".

Long-term values

Continuous Improvements

Over the years new challenges appeared, and one by one they were concurred by a team of experienced long-term staff who have been led by Gil's son Luc. New technology and more environmentally friendly equipment were implemented by Luc staying consistent with the always-changing industry standards.

True Pride is easy to identify in a family-run business. It is always personal. The strong values toward employees, the community, and customers have always been instrumental in the success of the Dube family business.

Environment (Being a good neighbor)

At Horizon International Distributors we stay current with all emission standards and constantly monitor fuel consumption.

We also, recycle used equipment as much as possible, we participate in a retreading tires program, we recycle parts & metals from our repair shop, we recycle office supplies, and we are constantly looking for ways to reduce the use of paper.

Reducing our carbon footprint is not a thought; it is a habitual process that we take seriously.


We take great pride in supporting the communities we live and work and some of the great causes we support include:

  • Festival Du Voyageur
  • Christmas Cheer board
  • Harvest Food Bank
  • Siloam Mission
  • Supporting Local Sports Associations
  • Long-term member and sponsor of MTA golf tournaments
  • Many more
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